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Unitas Rejser has many years of experience in the professional handling of different kind of journeys and you are served by very dedicated and competent employees.

Focus on service that makes a difference for each traveller

Unitas Rejser values an open dialogue, integrity and honesty. We value personal contact with customers and suppliers, not only because it is crucial for our business but a part of who we are. We focus on providing a service that makes the difference for each traveller.

Unitas Rejser was founded in 1948 with the purpose of arranging trips for young people and in turn creating an international understanding. This mindset is still a part of our concept, which through the years has been expanded to include a broad range of offers for individuals, firms and schools, religious and humanitarian organisations.

One hundred percent of our profit goes to voluntary child and youth work

Unitas Rejser is owned by KFUM and KFUK in Denmark - part of the world’s largest youth movement, YMCA and YWCA. Therefore one hundred percent of Unitas Rejser’s profit goes to voluntary child and youth work.

Please see our different travel types (decribed in Danish):

School and study travel | Parish travel | Other groups | Raptim

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